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Hurricane Preparedness Information

Visit for public safety messages from St. Lucie County Government

WQCS 88.9 FM - Your state-designated Emergency Alert System and Florida Public Radio Emergency Network station.

  • Emergency Shelters:

    • Morningside Elementary School - 2300 SE Gowin Dr, PSL

    • Floresta Elementary School - 1501 SE Floresta Dr, PSL

  • Food and Water

    • Have a 3 day supply of food. Canned and dry good​s are recommended

    • Manual can opener

    • Disposable eating utensils

    • Bottled water - Sufficient supply for drinking and bathing for each member of household

  • Medicine / First Aid - Have 30 days worth of medical and First Aid supplies. Fill prescriptions before the storm.

  • Extra Batteries and Cell phone chargers

  • Gas - Fill your car or gas can beforehand.

  • Money - Have cash on hand! Without electricity, credit cards and ATMs will not work!

  • Evacuation - Leave Immediately when told to by local officials.

  • Prepare a "Safe Room":

    • ​Take refuge in a small interior room or closet.​​

    • Close all interior doors and secure exterior doors and windows

    • Keep curtains and blinds closed.

    • Notify out-of-area contacts of your whereabouts.

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