Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I remove Trees from around my home?

A: No. The trees in the neighborhood are common property, and are also regulated by the City of Port St. Lucie.

Q: My Neighbor is out of town. May I park in his driveway?

A: No. Association rules, as well as common courtesy, forbid parking in another residents' driveway.

Q: Does the community allow pets?

A: Yes. Each unit is permitted up to two (2) dogs of no more than 50 lbs each, or two (2) cats, or, One (1) dog up to 50lbs, and one cat. All dogs must be on a leash when they are outdoors. Owners must pick up after their dogs.

Q: May I park my car on the street?

A: No overnight parking is permitted on the streets of SLG. During the day it is permitted if the car does not block traffic or driveways.

Q:  How do I contact our Board of Directors?

A:  Go to our website Home page and select Contact Your Board and then fill out the form.

Q:  I changed my email/phone number, how do I get a new form?

A:  Go to our website Home page and select Contact Your Board, fill out the form and request a new email/owners' Directory Authorization form.

Q:  Is my email address going to be shared with everyone in the community if I fill out this form with my information on it?

A:  No, only the Board will have everyone's email and when an official email is sent out no one else will be able to see your email address.